Squarespace Introduction

Squarespace began as a tool for folks who wanted to make sleek, Professional-looking sites for their business. Its site builder is easy to use and offers a convenient way for companies to set up a new site or online business.

But while Squarespace has expanded to provide additional functionality to Users–like email marketing, for example – their package of attributes is limited compared to a marketing platform like Mailchimp. That means if you need more comprehensive marketing abilities, you may need to turn into an outside support.

Squarespace Pros

  • All the designs automatically include a cell experience which ensures that your site looks fantastic on all devices.
  • The picture manager features drag and drop functionality which significantly reduces the time you spend uploading and adding pictures to your site.
  • This feature-rich system has just about all you might possibly need from video harmonious galleries to a wide range of connected services.

Squarespace Cons

  • Most of the design templates available require high-quality images. If you don’t have these then your website might not look as visually attractive as you may have hoped.

Squarespace features

Squarespace has no free strategy, but They’ve made the attempt to provide enough high-quality characteristics to create any plan worth your money. Up until lately, Squarespace was very restrictive, especially when it came into eCommerce. Allowing just one payment system and very limited products, however they’ve now made everything unlimited.

Squarespace is a closed system and only widgets or plugins in their subjects, or provided by them are readily available. You can’t use 3rd party plugins or applications. This means that you are completely dependant on them for brand new capabilities. But, you’re also guaranteed that all attributes will be of a high standard, and harmonious with your website.

This is what you can expect when you sign up with Squarespace:

  • Beautifully crafted, high-quality themes.
  • Hosting, and domain (renewal every year).
  • A complete WYSIWYG editor.Unlimited products.

You can refer to this pricing images Above for a full list of attributes. While the world is not your oyster, every feature is a perfect pearl.

Getting started with Squarespace

Getting started with Squarespace is extremely simple. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no free subscription, however they do offer a free 14-day trial (no credit card required ). This permits you to go through the complete setup procedure, and lets you see exactly what you’re in for.

Before you give them your Details it is possible to browse through the topics available to find out what your potential site can look like. Just after you pick a theme, do they ask for your basic subscription info, like your name and emailaddress. You’re then guided through a simple process:

  • Site content – This is the subject of your website like Fashion, travel, photography, etc..
  • Site Goals – What do you want to achieve? Would you like high visitors, showcase your work, run a store, or collect donations?
  • Bio – Just a straightforward description of your Website. Some templates will emphasize this.
  • Site Title – This is basically your site’s’name’.

Once You have run through the installation Process, you may immediately start editing your site during the simple drag and drop interface. Any modifications that you make, you notice in real time, and is exactly how your site will look once you print it. Once you start editing a helpful video pops up showing you the basics of the drag and drop interface.


How Much Does Squarespace Price?

When you first arrive on the Squarespace pricing page, you’ll notice there are two payment choices.

The first is for an Yearly program (the less costly option) and the second permits you to pay monthly for a slightly higher cost. You can toggle between the two by Clicking the button as shown in the picture below;

All Prices in USD

Although The annual plan shows a”monthly” price, this amount will be multiplied by twelve and accepted as one single upfront payment. I’ve Gather a table below so you can see just how much you are going to be paying in each scenario.

Regardless Of if you decide to pay monthly or annually, your plan will include;

  • Infinite bandwidth and storage space so that you don’t have to worry.
  • Total access to all of Squarespace’s’ beautiful templates.
  • Your website will be Mobile-friendly with no extra work required.
  • SSL website safety for your Visitors’ piece of mind.
  • Support around the clock (email Response in one hour from my experience).
  • Accessibility to basic site metrics Like how many individuals have visited your site.
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel Your plan at any moment.

If you decide pay yearly, not only will You get a discount on the program itself, you will also get a completely free domain name (your website address) free for the first year ($20 value) giving you one less thing to worry about!

It goes without saying, the greater the Strategy The more features you will unlock and that exactly what we’ll be diving into at the subsequent sections.

Why Use Squarespace?

The simplicity of Squarespace’s user interface allows anyone to make a Site using the platform – whether they are a complete novice or an experienced webmaster.

To create a website with Squarespace, all you have to do is see the Squarespace templates page and Select a web site design you prefer.

There’s a Huge collection of trendy web site templates and pre-made Header and footer layouts to pick from, with all layouts being optimised for desktopcomputer, tablet computers and smartphones.

Customer Support

Squarespace provides 24/7 email Support and live chat service 4am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. All their customer support workers work out of the New York, Portland or even Dublin headquarters.


I highly recommend Squarespace. It’s the best All-around site builder.

They have somehow managed to combine beautiful Themes, best-in-class features and an intutive website builder- all with honest, competitive pricing.