About Wix

Builders due to the ideal mix of user expertise, amazing templates, plus a marketplace for apps that can make any site look like it was designed by a group of professionals. Wix has perfected drag-and-drop site design and is a one-stop shop that will host your site and also give you the workshop to make a website suited to you. Wix is an easy to use, easy to navigate shop builder. It does an excellent task for small companies, since its compact, intuitively customizable, and pretty much neater. That said that it is probably not the best alternative for larger businesses, as big shops of stock can result in back end load lags.

The Simple truth is, Wix isn’t designed to get a huge conversion funnel or a super high inventory turnover ratio, but is rather developed for solo entrepreneurs and tiny companies.

Unique Characteristics

Parallax Scrolling

Background and foreground are different, and as a reader scrolls down, the two sections move at various speeds creating a sense of depth on your website.


This feature allows you to showcase your images and other content on a variety of slideshow galleries that could boost engagement and also the time customers are on the website.

Wix Gallery

The Wix Pro Gallery is another way to really enhance the visual appeal of your pictures, for example, radius and threshold among many different facets. You can also create every picture shareable on social media.

The Wix SEO Wiz

All Wix websites are ‘Search Engine Optimized’, meaning they are highly compatible with Google and other search engines. This means you don’t need to worry about appearing lower in Google searches with a Wix website than you otherwise would. In fact, Wix is the only websitebuilder, aside from WordPress, to be mentioned in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This doesn’t mean that other website builders aren’t Google compatible, but it shows that Wix is definitely a safe bet.

Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix’s ADI feature uses an algorithm to build your website. You could always edit and tweak the ADI designed website however you see fit.

The Wix App Market gives you choices to take your site to another level. There are absolutely hundreds of apps, created by Wix and third party providers that can handle everything from SEO to Ecommerce solutions, scheduling alternatives, and video and image programs. And put in your own music to play automatically when the page loads.

Easy drag-and-drop interface

Wix’s drag and drop interface is the key to its ease of use. It essentially permits you to add pictures and other resources to your site by dragging them in a folder in your computer, then ‘dropping’ them onto the new site. You’re then free to have fun with sizing, filters etc.

Benefits of Use

It really only requires a Couple of minutes to Get the hang of using the system, which is among the most instinctive everywhere. And start playing with it. You don’t even have to sign up for a paid account before you can begin analyzing it out.

Wix also includes extensive help Features, including a knowledge base you can access from the editor, in addition to countless tutorial videos on the internet. One more thing which simplifies Wix is the fact that all content is hosted on Wix servers, which means you never have to think about managing a web hosting account.

Wix Price

Wix Price is relatively minimal, low enough that it shouldn’t impact a break-even analysis. There are 3 tiers: Fundamental at $23/month, Limitless at $27/month, and VIP at $49/month.

All three Choices give you a connected, unique domain, zero Wix advertisements, and infinite bandwidth. If it comes to information storage, your own basic plan has 20GB while the VIP extends up to 50GB.

These storage Options might be insufficient for large enterprises, but they are perfectly suited for small businesses.

Many Businesses will opt for the mid-tier pricing because, for not much more, you get nearly double the storage, plus some other useful features like a logo maker and automatic resizing for sharing across societal media channels.

Pros and Cons of Elegant Themes


Intuitive, easy-to-use for first-time site designers

More than 500 beautifully-crafted templates

Wix App Marketplace includes a Wide Array of programs

Also includes hosting


If you would like to change templates you have to redesign site

Fewer ecommerce choices than some rivals

Is it Safe?

Is it Safe? And the business is liable for your security. Wix also uses “multiple layer security architecture,” which is geared to protect against zero-day issues. Additionally, your passwords and other information are stored securely.

Your Wix site will be procured by HTTPS/TLS encryption. Wix also lets you enable malware and malware security.

Helpful extras

Here are a few other ways that Wix makes life easy for its customers:

  • Websites are mobile friendly, meaning you don’t have to worry about alienating your mobile audience
  • They offer a huge selection of free, high quality stock images
  • Unlimited web pages allow your site to grow as you do
  • All-in-one management allows you to track orders, receive payments etc. all in one place

Wix support

Wix has excellent support for online stores and regular sites. First of all, they have an abundance of online tools to tackle any learning curve issue. Additionally, as you build, there are useful guides and suggestions along the way.

If you’ve got specific questions, their internal customer service team is knowledgeable and fast. You can reach them via chat, which presents you first with an extremely user friendly chatbot that takes on your basic account and issue information and connects you to your representative quite quickly.

They also provide telephone support from 8a. M. into 8p.M

Bottom Line

User experiences which has made it among the world’s most popular website builders.

It is an ideal builder for Blogs and personal websites, in addition to a great option for anybody running a small business.

If you’re looking to start a website for your small business, a stage for promoting and selling, or merely a Striking private website, Wix can host and build a website which can make it seems like you had an expert on retainer.